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The foundation of First Ear consists of the quality of people we employ, and the high level of service we provide. Our team of expert Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists consists of state certified personnel trained to the highest professional standards specific to the testing and implementation of hearing aids. In addition to fast/accurate diagnostics, our specialists will work with compassion to ensure your patients are treated with dignity


We offer the latest digital hearing aids from most major manufacturers. Our new technology is clinically proven to provide better hearing in noise than normal listeners. We offer hearing aids with wireless bluetooth streaming, and smartphone capabilities. In addition to wireless ear-to-ear communication, we carry technology that enables digital processing for feedback suppression, noise reduction, and speech enhancement


The First Ear advantage is a turnkey hearing aid service with a goal to provide comprehensive hearing assessments for your patient population. In addition to ensuring compliance with annual medicare wellness protocols, First Ear offers FREE yearly hearing screenings for your patient base. Discover how we may be able to assist you in bettering outcomes for your patient population


First Ear

We are proud to offer comprehensive hearing screenings in specialty MD offices including primary care, geriatric medicine, ophthalmology, and physicians specializing in chronic care management. Enhance your patient care by offering hearing screenings & products in the convenience of your office environment. Trust the company that more MD's have grown to depend on to be their hearing care advocates.

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  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer's
  • Personal Safety Hazards
  • Decline in Cognitive Functions
  • Losing the Ability to Understand Speech
  • Social Withdrawal 
  • Depression & Anxiety

Partner with First Ear to give your patients access to hearing evaluations and products allowing optimal patient care


Hearing Loss linked to Vision

Studies have found that hearing loss in older adults can be linked to vision problems.  As we age we become more prone to hearing loss, which is why it’s extremely important to get tested as soon as you notice any type of hearing difficulties. In the below article, Marilyn Schneck from Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research, summarize […]

Patient Care

Most of our patients wait too long to get their hearing tested because they don’t realize the damage hearing loss can cause.  In addition, patients are bombarded with mountains of information, ads, emails, which can get overwhelming.  They also have this misconception that hearing aids are these big bulky devices that will be noticeable. First […]

Smart Hearing

Technology can add extreme value to the hearing industry.  Resound has added a new device, the ReSound LiNX 3D, to their Smart Hearing platform allowing an even more enhanced hearing experience. Read up on Resound’s LiNX 3D by clicking on the article below: The future of Smart Hearing is here!


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