Who We Are

First Ear brings hearing to you!  We offer a one of a kind hearing care program for Health Care Professionals that allows for onsite, in-clinic screening & testing.  Partnering with world class brands that offer a network of products, technologies and programs designed to revolutionize the hearing care experience.

First Ear is an Industry Game Changer, promoting better interactions with your patients that result in more positive and successful experiences.

Increase in patient satisfaction
Trust in product and quality care by partnering with clinicians
Primary Services

Hearing Screenings

We offer Comprehensive Annual Screenings to all patients at no charge

Products & Services

We offer the very best hearing care products in the industry from trusted world-class brands

Diagnostic Testing

We provide comprehensive testing services required for the fitting of hearing aids

Our Purpose

To broaden the accessibility of hearing healthcare. Hearing deficits are the most common un-diagnosed & untreated problem within our patient population. We hope to provide nationwide access to hearing screenings, in addition to bringing patients the most innovative products & services.

Our Mission

Work closely with healthcare facilities to ensure hearing health is made an essential part of a patients wellness check.  Hearing loss is a public health issue in terms of it’s outcome on the link with cognition & dementia, and we are working hard in creating user friendly services that can be accessible to everyone.

Our Style

We have a unique hands-on approach that fosters close relationships with healthcare professionals. Utilizing the latest technology, including social media channels, we deliver the latest news & technology pertaining to hearing health.  Our user friendly approach makes hearing health accessible to everyone.

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