Hearing Loss linked to Vision

Studies have found that hearing loss in older adults can be linked to vision problems.  As we age we become more prone to hearing loss, which is why it's extremely important to get tested as soon as you notice any type of hearing difficulties. In the below article, Marilyn Schneck from Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research, summarize hearing loss and vision problems are intertwined: http://hearinghealthmatters.org/theaudiologycondition/2018/vision-hearing-loss-aging/  

Patient Care

Most of our patients wait too long to get their hearing tested because they don't realize the damage hearing loss can cause.  In addition, patients are bombarded with mountains of information, ads, emails, which can get overwhelming.  They also have this misconception that hearing aids are these big bulky devices that will be noticeable. First Ear makes it a priority to ease our patients concerns and educate them on hearing loss before fitting them with the right products.  "It is important for us to meet the needs of our patients offering not only the best possible product but educating them so they feel comfortable and confident.  Our goal is to make the entire experience of getting your hearing evaluated convenient and valuable" stated Andy, President of First Ear.